The Baluchon Line

The inspiration

In resonance with the brand’s spirit, Yuni Yunan brought together distant cultures from here and there in one creation. We are taking inspiration from the French baluchon bags as well as the Japanese and Korean traditional wrapping technique with a piece of cloth, called respectively furoshiki and bojagi.

It is an ode to the freedom of spontaneous travel, combining the poetry of the knotting gesture with ease of use.

Wrapping things in a piece of cloth as a means of transporting them is a very common practice around the world and while the French baluchon has the specificity of simply being tied to a stick and carried on the shoulder, the Furoshiki is an art born from the need to protect and adapt the way of packing valuable goods and treasures of various shapes in a sophisticated fashion. The art of Bojagi transforms everyday life into a unique art form as the fabric is often a beautiful patchwork made of all the retained family clothes off cuts.

The technique

The baluchon line carries out the reflection of their minimalist aesthetic yet practical art of living, as the technique of the knot creates both the shape and a closure system with only one ingenious trick. The furoshiki or bojagi technique which is originally ephemeral has been adapted into a more day-to-day convenient bag with a perfect combination of the textile’s flexibility and the neoprene or leather’s rigidity, which maintains the shape.

The bag

The collection has several declinaisons ranging from the stylish cotton day backpack, perfect for sunny days, to chic small satin bucket, the ideal companion for endless nights!

How to tie your baluchon bag 

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