“The closer you are to the foreign, the broader your mind expands.” 

Yuni Yunan means here and there in Laotian, an expression that illustrates the spirit of the brand. Yuni Yunan seeks harmony in combining the tradition of luxury of France, where its creator Laura Dalaloy was born, and elements of the culture of East Asia where her family is from. She inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents, who had themselves created their own jewellery company. Like her parents, she wishes to continue to bring rare know-how to life.

The brand is doing so by looking very closely into shared values between the East and the West, such as craftsmanship and heritage. The brand reinterprets the classics of leather goods to enrich its vocabulary and pays tribute to the philosophy and poetry of a continent, while adapting to the dynamism and the need for pragmatism of the other.

Our passion for overlooked details, bringing new light to traditional know-how and switching up approach to creation is a playful way of sharing and making the far away closer and accessible. Our collections are like special treasure hunts we create in the form of precious, high-quality, scarce and meaningful bags.

“We not only want people to fall in love with other cultures but we also want them to fall in love with other perspectives and lake their minds broader than yesterday.” 

We took our quarters in the 10th arrondissement of paris in an shared workshop at La Caserne. Visit our Showroom Atelier and try our collection by taking an appointment here.

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