About cookies 

What is a cookie?
A cookie or tracer is a general term for a text file saved in dedicated space on the device's hard drive (for example computer, tablet, smartphone, etc) when you view content or online advertising. This cookie file allows its issuers to identify the device on which it is stored for as long as the cookie is valid or stored. Therefore, cookies do not identify you directly.

Informations about your browsing on our site are saved in cookies files installed on your device and allow us to track your activity and to recall information, such as user preferences or information the user previously entered in forms.

Notice about cookies on our site
When you visit our site for the first time and Yuni Yunan intends to place cookies, we inform you that we use cookies on an informational banner at the bottom of the page. When managing your choices about cookies or by default when continuing to browse the site, you consent to our use of these cookies.

However, you can change the settings for these cookies at any time. Below you will find further information about cookies and how you can manage their settings.

Cookies used on our site
When you connect to our site, we may install diverse types of cookies on your device:

Technical cookies that allow us to:

• adjust the site’s appearance to your device display preferences (for example language used, display resolution or exploitation system used) when you visit our site depending on the materials and viewing software or player software your device contain

 • implement security measure, such as when you are asked to sign in again to a piece of content or service after a certain amount of time

 • give you access to reserved and personal areas of our site

 • storing information about a form that you have filled in on our site or about products or services that you have added to your cart (service subscribed, the content of an order cart)

Audience measurements cookies that allow us to:

• obtain visitor statistics and volumes and use of the various elements that make up our site (sections and contents visited, journeys) to help us improve interest in  our services

Advertising cookies that allow us to:

• send you marketing messages on your device, personalized advertisements that may be of interest to you personally according to your personal data, including your electronic contact information, your order or your access to one of our services, browsing information etc

Payment security cookies that allow us to:

• help fight against online fraud (payment fraud, identity theft, etc.). Therefore, in accordance with your rights, Yuni Yunan or service providers acting on our behalf may store trackers to collect information about the device that made the order (including the operating system used, the location of the machine, whether or not a proxy was used, etc.). These "fingerprint" trackers associated with your order data are used to confirm your order, the payment method and your delivery method.

Managing your choices about cookies 

  • Your choices about cookies

Any cookie placed on your terminal is subject to your consent which you may revise any time using the possibilities described below.

You can deactivate each cookie with the specific deactivation link meant for that purpose or use advertising cookie management tools provided by third parties.

Your browser may allow you to choose to disable all or some cookies, either systematically. You can also configure your browser software to accept or reject cookies (case by case or for all).

If you consent to cookies files on your device, cookies embedded on the pages and contents you have viewed will be stored in a dedicated area of ​​your device and will be readable and recognizable only by the issuer.

  • Consequences of blocking the cookies

Disabling cookies may prevent you from using our site under normal conditions:

Cookies needed: you may not be able to access the site or its services.

Personalization cookies: the site’s presentation does not adapt to the display preferences of your device, your passwords and fill-in forms information are not saved.

Audience measurement cookies: has no consequence on the use of the website.

Advertising cookies: has no consequence on the use of the website. Please note that deleting them will not prevent online advertising. It will only causes advertising to be less in line with your centres of interest.

Online payment security cookies: has no consequence on the use of the website. However, if you are trying to buy something using your credit card, your payment may be delayed because of the need for manual validation.

Deactivate cookies using your browser
Each browser software allows you different types of configuration. It will be described in the « help » section of your browser:

If you are using the internet explorer browser: click the tools button and then internet options. On the general tab, browsing history, click settings. Then, click view files and select the cookies you want to disable. Then, close the window that contains the list of cookies and click ok twice to return to the internet.

If you are using the firefox browser: click the firefox menu icon, then the tools button, then options. In the window, choose privacy and click on remove specific cookies. Select the cookies you want to disable then delete them.

If you are using the safari browser: click the settings button and then preferences. In the window, select privacy/security then click on show cookies. Select the cookies you want to disable then click on delete or delete all.

If you are using the chrome browser: click the google chrome menu icon, then settings. At the bottom of the page, click show advanced settings. In the privacy section, click on content setting. Select the cookies you want to disable then click on delete or delete all.

To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit  www.aboutcookies.org  or  www.allaboutcookies.org